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Class Schedule 2017

Painting instruction in Acrylic, Gouache, Ink and Oil Rouge, etc

Painting in G's Studio 9931 W Skycliffe Ave, Boise ID 83704

For more information call (208) 378-0569

Beginners and ongoing Tuesday nights, 5:30-8 p.m.

Wednesday Mornings, 9-11:30,

Wednesday evenings, 5:30-8 p.m.
E-mail to find out weekly project for a particular week.

Class projects vary by the week, sometimes painting Gisele's original designs, or open classes where the student can select a design or project to paint with teacher assistance. 

Many classes, students work with new products or incorporate a drawing lesson.

Join us online for 24 weeks of Artful Play!

Want to experience 24 of the industries finest designers bringing their painting techniques, styles and a variety of mediums to you in the privacy of your home? Every Monday from May-October, you will receive a lesson that has pre-recorded video and a coordinating PDF. Get inspired to create art weekly without ever leaving home for the one low price of $99. That means you pay only $4.25 per class!!! WOW!!!...and you can even paint in your pj’s!!!


Incredible Teachers!
Here is the amazing list for 2016 first Art Play Date, can you believe it!

Gisele Pope , Lynne Andrews, Deb Antonick, Sharon Chinn, Margot Clark, Jeanne Downing, Cindy Harrison, Chris Haughey, Kelly Hoernig, Debbie Cole, Annamarie Oke, Judy Westegaard, Ursula Wollenburg, Susan Boerman, Eirka Joanne, Amy Mogish, Kerry Anderson, Holly Hanley, Tracy Moreau, Golda Rader, Sandy McTier, Jane Allen,  Laurie Speltz, 


I can’t wait to paint with you!


I am taking part of this incredible “ART PLAY DATE” and will bring you techniques on transforming a simple piece of clay and a canvas into a mini work of art!


No previous experience is needed!


Just click here to get started! 


When you sign up, you not only get to create this fun project, you get to paint with all of the other teachers - 24 in all!....for the low price of $99-where else can you take a class for $4.25 a class? 


Take one or all at your leisure in the comfort of your own home!


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