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New Brushes, New Possibilities!

Curved Flat and Double Filbert
I was out of state recently on a jaunt to a flea market and found an amazing folk art floral picture from D. Grosse. The design was simple, but the detail in this old art piece was incredible. It got me thinking about the tools that artists have used to create, and how far we have come from the first split palm leaf brushes found in Egypt. I love being able to purchase a brush that fits nicely in my hand. I also love a brush that I can rely on, both for being consistent and durable. I cannot imagine how an artist would feel when the brush they were using wore down and they would have to create another to replace it, including the handle and bristle.

In this high-paced age, we are lucky to spend our time creating art, not the tools.. I appreciate that I don’t have to “suffer” for my artistic whims, and this is why I am so excited about the newest additions to the La Corneille brush line.

From the Curved Flat, Flora™, Double Filbert to the Aura™, I can paint, imprint, dry brush, stroke, and blend with ease. Plus, the consistent quality and variety of sizes of the manufactured Loew-Cornell brush allows me to flow seamlessly from the largest to smallest detail.

Curved Flat
This brush is a workhorse. At first glance it looks like a flat married a filbert…and that means endless possibilities. Artists of all genres will be amazed at how easily petals, leaves, basecoats, shades, and highlights are achieved. Traditional artists will love how flawlessly strokes can be executed with its clean top and smooth edges. I especially like that the brush comes in a variety of sizes for filler leaves and smaller detail.

Whether working with acrylic, gouache, oil, or watercolor, this brushes’ patented design practically does the work for you.. Highlights and shading are a challenge for many painters that use a flat or slanted brush for this application but I find that the shape of the curved flat brush allows for easy blending and application.

Commas with rounded or flat sides can be placed by the way the brush is held when the stroke is applied.

Leaves and petals are created with an imprint and twist.

The knife edge allows for veining, striping, and ribbons. Double loading the brush allows for easy contrast in one application.

Double Filbert

Nothing is better than painting a flower in detail without a lot of fuss. This double filbert does twice the work and can be double or triple loaded, but has many other painting applications. Your favorite mediums- acrylic, gouaches, oil, and watercolors all work well with this unique shape. From beginner to advanced, this brush offers a multitude of options.

• Filler leaves and sweet petals of all sizes are easily applied with an “imprint” of the brush

• Making border designs, multicolored plaid or stripes

• Multiple comma strokes and fillers

• The greatest thing about this brush is its ability to create petals, leaves and stems with only one brush

Visit our site,, for how-to videos on each of these brushes. I know that our foreartists spent countless hours perfecting their strokes, and I am just thrilled that I can pick up a brush and create at my own whim! I am not the only one excited about these new brushes. Fellow artist, Linda Lover, was so excited that she provided us with many of the designs you see in this article. Get a brush in your hand (visit and share your latest creations at the Loew-Cornell Facebook page. Next month we will be talking about the new Aura™ and Flora™ so watch for the next newsletter and some special online projects in the future.

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