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Halloween Tiddlywinks Project

I love the fall and chilly nights inside when I can have friends and family over to play games and sip on spiced cider. Recently, I was taking a little trip through JoAnns and saw the Half Pint Ball Jars and thought they would work well for a fun Halloween game. The jar can easily store the pieces when you are not playing and work as a perfect “pod” for the game of Tiddlywinks. I thought this might be a fun family project-and the bonus is you get to have fun playing year after year.

If you are painting with your kids, they might want to use their favorite color or spooky design.

I only painted enough for 4 players, but feel free to expand to the number of players in your crowd. Be creative! Date the bottom of the jar and add the artist’s signatures –it is always fun to have my grown-up children enjoy their earlier craft projects!

I love the size of these little jars…I think that I might just fill them with candy corn, paint the lid with a fun pumpkin face and give them as gifts…

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