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Easy Summer Jar Project

Each time I get ready to pack up and take off for a convention or seminar, I always think about painters, students, artists and newbies that don’t get to attend. This week, I am in Chicago at the Society of Decorative Painters convention.

Last night, I took part in a roundabout event that featured 5 teachers that offer demonstrations or make-it, take-its in a giant room. The students attending got to learn from a different teacher every 20 minutes and leave with a gigantic amount of knowledge, back up paperwork and make-it, take-its!

Both of the sessions were completely sold out, so I thought it would be great to offer the glass painting lesson/pattern and instructions that I taught to those of you who were not able to get into the class or attend the convention.

My make it, take it featured our new smooth sided Ball™ jars and DecoArt glass paints. The entire design was painted with Loew Cornell’s #2 round stroke and an 18/0 script liner-you can’t get easier than that!

I hope that this gives you a little “taste” of the fun of convention!

Happy Painting!

Enjoy Summer Jar

Designed by Gisele Pope

Sponsored by Loew-Cornell



•Ball® Collection Elite® 16oz Pint Jar

•Loew Cornell® TransformMASON® Woden Tag

•Loew Cornell® White Nylon

Round brush - 4

•DecoArt Americana Gloss Enamels:

Dark Chocolate DAG65

Hauser Dark Green DAG133

Hauser Medium Green DAG132

Light Buttermilk DAG164

Razzle Berry DAG276

Saffron Yellow DAG273

Shimmering Silver DAG70

True Red DAG129

•Crystal Gloss Enamels Transparent Glass Paint:

Turquoise DAGT10

•DecoArt Americana Chalkboard Paint:

Black DS90


•Rubbing Alcohol

•White chalk

•Painter’s tape


Tag: Sand and paint small tag with Chalkboard Paint , applying two coats –one vertically and one horizontally, letting dry completely between coats. Let cure for 24 hours. Lightly sand. Using side of chalk, season over tag and erase with damp towel.

Jar: Wash with mild dish soap and dry. Wipe area to be painted with rubbing alcohol. Attach a small piece of tape to the backside of the pattern and adhere inside jar, centering on one of the smooth sides.


Load the Loew Cornell® White Nylon round brush with Hauser Medium Green and base in all of the leaves.

Use round brush loaded again with Light Buttermilk to create the daisy petals.

When dry, add a glaze of Turquoise to each petal as they come from the center.

Centers are a mix of Dark Chocolate + Saffron Yellow. Add a brighter half moon of Saffron to top of centers.

Highlight top edges of leaves with mix of Hauser Medium Green + Saffron Yellow.

Stems are Hauser Dark Green.

Vein lines and sweep across bottom of flower centers are a mix of True Red + Hauser Dark Green.

Small round center section of flower centers is based with this same mix. Add a dot of Saffron Yellow for highlight.

Red dot flowers are True Red. Sweep a mix of True Red + Hauser Dark Green across bottom and add a dot of Razzleberry to top center.

Highlight with a dot of Saffron Yellow.

Add comma strokes in Shimmering Silver for filler.


Air dry for 48 hours. Place in a cool oven, turn on heat to 325 degrees and bake 30 minutes. Cool in oven.

Thread tag over ribbon and tie to top of jar.

Chalk in your favorite saying.

Fill jar with your favorite goodies.

Pattern - actual size

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